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Dr. med. dent. Marco Tribò Specialist in Orthodontics CH


What is a Specialist in Orthodontics (CH)?

The title of Specialist in Orthodontics (CH) denotes a specialist in orthodontic dental treatment practising in Switzerland. The long period of training as a specialist in orthodontics begins in Switzerland with the successful completion of a degree course in dental medicine, followed by at least one year’s experience as a general dental practitioner. This is followed by at least three years of specialist training in one of Switzerland’s four dental teaching hospitals. To obtain the title of Specialist in Orthodontics (CH), the candidate has to pass an examination with a theoretical and a practical part. Visit for details.

This long period of training, comprising theoretical and practical work, is required to devise the most effective solution to the commonly occurring and complex problems of dental alignment.

The Swiss Orthodontic Society can only provide the training course for the Specialist in Orthodontics (CH), therefore guaranteeing the necessary qualifications. The level of training and qualification for specialists in orthodontics from other countries is in some cases different.