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What does orthodontic treatment cost?

There is no simple answer to this question, with meaningful figures. The cost of individual treatment varies widely. But in most cases, the orthodontic practice can give an initial estimate at the first consultation.

It is advisable to take out appropriate supplementary medical (dental) insurance as early as possible, before a child reaches kindergarten age. This is not expensive and covers at least part of the cost if the need arises. In serious cases, disability insurance may cover the cost of treatment. The orthodontist will check this as a matter of routine and notify you if required. Many local authorities cover part of the cost of orthodontic treatment as part of their school dental care programme.

The settlement of fees can be arranged individually to suit the patient’s financial circumstances.

Under the Swiss Dental Association (SSO) charging system, the tariff point value applied is CHF 3.10 for school-age children (monthly instalment plans are available). This does not apply to Invisalign-Teen treatments.