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The first step is a consultation with the orthodontist.

At this consultation, the specialist will be able to give a preliminary assessment of the malpositioning problem. He or she will provide initial information about the type of misalignment and also address the questions of timing, duration and type of treatment, as well as the costs involved.

The second step in orthodontic treatment is the preparation of the case documents.

These mainly comprise models, photos of the face and teeth, special radiographs (X-rays), scans, an evaluation of dental function and any further investigations considered necessary.

At a subsequent consultation, the treatment plan proposed by the orthodontist can be discussed and possible alternatives considered. Visualization of the documentation, equipment and possibly the goal of the treatment are useful aids to understanding. At this point, a detailed estimate of costs will be provided. The payment of treatment fees can be arranged individually to suit the patient’s financial circumstances. It is only at this point, with your agreement, that treatment can begin.

The period of active treatment is followed by a passive retention phase, during which the corrected tooth or jaw position is maintained to prevent a renewed misalignment.