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Invisalign Teen®. A carefree smile on your face with the invisible brace.

Invisalign Teen® is an outstanding solution for young people who want to correct a dental misalignment. It offers an ideal way to reposition the teeth without the rest of the world getting to know. The brace, properly called an aligner, is undetectable. That is because it is transparent and practically invisible.

This treatment option is suitable for children from the age of 11 years onwards, before all the permanent teeth break through.

The invisible aligners have the further advantage that they can be taken out. That is important for oral hygiene because it is easier to clean the teeth properly. They do not cause irritation, a problem associated with fixed braces which have metal wires. To anyone who plays an instrument or actively participates in sport, a short time without the device is always welcome. In case of loss or breakage, we will replace up to six aligners without charge.

The Invisalign Teen® aligners were developed using the same technology as the adult models. The same rules apply to wearing them to achieve a satisfactory result. They have to be worn 22 hours a day and changed every two weeks. There is a very practical blue indicator which gradually pales to monitor usage.

Another advantage is that the treatment time for check-ups is much shorter than with traditional dental braces. A computer simulation showing the progress of a course of treatment and eventual outcome gives every patient something to look forward to well in advance.