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Invisalign® treatment is carried out using aligners, which are exchanged every two weeks.

The costs depend on the type of malpositioning of the teeth or the number of aligners required. There are three basic options.

Invisalign i7: CHF 4'900.
The basic and fastest treatment option, requiring seven aligners, including retention (long-term stabilization) and follow-up examinations. Additional computed radiography (CR)scan: CHF 150.–

Invisalign LITE: CHF 8'900. 
The medium-level treatment, requiring 14 aligners, including retention (long-term stabilization), an additional CR scan, and follow-up examinations.

Invisalign FULL: CHF 10'500. 
The FULL treatment involves an unlimited number of aligners, including retention (long-term stabilization), three additional CR scans, and follow-up examinations.

Invisalign TEEN: CHF 10'500. 
The ideal alternative to fixed braces with metal wires. Included in the price are all the aligners required, with indicators to monitor usage, six replacement aligners in case of loss or breakage, retention (long-term stabilization), CR scans when necessary or requested, and follow-up examinations. The cost will be covered by the health insurance scheme or disability insurance (IV).

Orthopulse: CHF 1'500. 
Prolonged Invisalign treatment can be shortened by as much as 50 percent thanks to Orthopulse. This involves stimulating the bone of the dental root by means of a low dose of light energy, which facilitates tooth movement.